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What we do

We are a developer and publisher of free-to-play games for smartphones and tablets. We also operate our own user acquisition and in-app billing platform called Tequila Planet. Our games have been installed on over 100 million devices to date and our platform alone has grown to more than 20 million players in less than 2 years.

We recently opened our platform to other game developers who want to reach millions of new users by distributing their freemium games beyond Google Play. Not only do our developer partners get free distribution across our vast network of affiliated traffic partners but they also super-effectively monetize their games by using our powerful in-app billing solution.


Tequila Mobile runs an award-winning games studio focused on developing cutting edge mobile social games for smartphones and tablets.



Tequila Mobile’s games including Fantasy Kingdom Defense and BattleFriends at Sea witch have been critically acclaimed and millions of copies have been distributed around the world.



Tequila Planet is a unique distribution and in-app billing platform that enables freemium game developers to reach millions of users beyond Google Play.


The winner of

IMGA Best Casual Game for Treasure Arm

Top 3 Rising Star

Deloitte Fast 50

We are the founder of




Wojciech WOZ Woziwodzki

CEO / Founder

Engaged in the mobile industry from 2003. He is a serial entrepreneur, having successfully funded Tequila Mobile and previously a project management consulting company. He is a Computer Science graduate of Wroclaw University of Technology and has an MBA from Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota.

Łukasz Lukas Deszczułka

CMO / Founder

An industry veteran with 10 years experience in mobile games, co-founder of Tequila Mobile. Initially responsible for all-things-business, now focused on expanding Tequila's sales and marketing arm. He is a graduate of Wroclaw University of Technology.

Przemysław Pshemo Gontarz


Expert in project management in business and IT with over eight years experience in delivering sophisticated high-risk IT projects for large telco organizations. Oversees development of Tequila Planet. He is a management graduate of Wroclaw University of Technology.

Robert Robo Nowak

CTO / Founder

A software architect and development director with 10 years experience in mobile games and applications. Has overseen the creation of the dedicated development & porting platform and the Tequila Planet SDKs. He is a graduate of Wroclaw University of Technology.

Sylwia Kasprzak

CFO & Proxy of the Management Board

Responsible for the company financial policy as well as supporting key Management Board decisions by providing it with finance information. She has an MBA from Poznan University of Economics (Poznan-Atlanta). 10 years of experience in the fuel trade branch which she gained while working as COO and proxy in e-petrol.pl.


Excellence in mobile gaming

Tequila Mobile was established as a games development studio 10 years ago. Over past years we have built our reputation by releasing dozens highest quality mobile games to market. Our games studio, now 20 strong, is a team of highly motivated professionals with a proven track record designing and developing cross-platform games as well as a reliable games infrastructure.


We are committed to the freemium model and our games have been offered as a free-to-play since 2007. We do have extensive know-how and tools required to design and develop freemium games that people love to play. We make money selling virtual items and we are a prime example that the "don't be greedy policy" can pay off. Our recent Fantasy Kingdom Defense game has scooped 4.7 average rating after being downloaded more than 5 million times across multiple app stores.

Social games

We believe that the future lies in easily accessible social games that millions of people can play many times a day for a minute or two as they live their lives. We have announced the BattleFriends brand to help connect people through games. To make it reality, we have also built a powerful cloud-based gaming infrastructure capable of handling millions of users. Download our BattleFriends at Sea game for Android and iOS to see what are we talking about (plus have some fun as you challenge your pals!).

Mobile Games


Our top games

Tequila Planet

The freemium platform like no other

We power free-to-play games

Tequila Planet is a unique distribution and in-app billing platform for freemium games. We expand the market and enable android game developers to reach millions of new users beyond Google Play. We drive users to games and let our uber-effective IAP solution convert that traffic into revenues.

Google Play is a powerful store but discoverability and billing are serious issues. We’ve nailed it. Over the past few years we have developed a powerful in-app billing solution based on a carrier billing. It lets our developer partners monetize games with incredible effectiveness. It’s not only about billing as we distribute games across our network of third party app stores and traffic partners. Our partners use Tequila Planet enabled games to smartly monetize their mobile traffic inventories. They have users, developers have games, Tequila Planet does the rest.

Find out more at www.tequilaplanet.net

The platform

How it works

Tequila Planet

The Platform

  • Powerful IAP billing
  • End-to-End tracking
  • Game Cross-Sell

Tequila Planet distributes Developer's games across the network of distribution and traffic partners plugged into the platform. Developers get new users for FREE and monetize them effectively via Tequila’s own IAP billing solution. Tequila collects revenues from operators and pays Partners and Developers their revenue share.


Have Products

  • Android & J2ME
  • Free-to-Play games
  • Virtual goods

Developers integrate Tequila Planet's lightweight SDK into their Android or J2ME apps, configure pricing for in-app purchases through a self-service environment and go live across Tequila Planet’s distribution network. Developers get a revenue share from all IAP sales.

Traffic Partners

Have Users

  • Alternative App Stores
  • Large mobile portals
  • Ad-funded apps

Traffic Partners plug-in to Tequila Planet to monetize their mobile audiences. Partners send users to the freemium games and get a revenue share from lifetime user revenues generated via Tequila’s own IAP solution. Tequila Planet provides traffic partners with laser-precise user tracking, real-time stats and a self-service portal.

Android SDK

Power to the developers!

Sell more. Manage better.

Tequila Planet for Android comes with a light-weight and easy to integrate SDK. The SDK enables developers not only to use Tequila Planet's effective IAP billing to sell virtual goods in 80+ countries worldwide but also to keep in touch with their users as their games get distributed across Tequila’s network of traffic partners.

Developers can easily cross-sell users between their own games, configure "like us on Facebook" ads and keep in touch with players by posting messages directly in front of user eye-balls. As the Tequila Planet client is HTML5 based, it is a fully online experience which is 100% remotely managed. Developers can decide what do they want to display to their users and when.

Get discovered. Guaranteed.

Once integrated, the Tequila Planet enabled games will be marked "ready for sale" across the Tequila Planet Distribution Network which consists of major media customers, mobile portals, OEM partners and third party app stores. Tequila Mobile will push the games across all the stores and Developers will notice a massive increase in traffic and IAP revenues from day one of distribution.

More details at www.tequilaplanet.net

Tequila @ work

Our headquarters

Currently more than 30 people work on developing games and our platform services in Tequila Mobile's headquarter which is located in the very heart of the city of Wroclaw, Poland - just a few steps away from the main square. We have excellent working conditions, comfortable offices and an easy going atmosphere at work. Our offices are set in a fun Mexican-cartoon style and people wear sombreros all the time (no, just kiddin' - but hey, we have some around!).

A few pics from our office

Join Tequila

Develop your career with us

At Tequila Mobile, we are passionate about all-things-mobile. Our products and services are used by millions of users and we strive to develop excellence in every aspect of our activity. Whether these are new products we are working on or a new features that we are about to bring to our free-to-play games platform, we give our best to deliver the highest quality at the end.

We are always looking for the best developers, managers, artists, designers and creative thinkers. If you share a passion for games, want to create something cool and entertaining, wish to work in a friendly environment different than in any corporation in the world - we would love to hear from you!

Apply today. Send your CV and work samples to careers@tequilamobile.com


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